Publishing a game on Steam

To publish a game onto Steam you need to either have a publisher that has a game on Steam or that can get one easily. The other way is to go through Steam greenlight , greenlight is a place for people to see your work as a demo and vote if they would like to see it on Steam or if they would not. If you get enough votes that people would like to see it then it goes onto Steam after some setup with Steam.


To publish a game onto Steam thou need to either hast a publisher that hath a game on Steam or that can get one easily. the other way is to go through Steam Greenlight , Greenlight is a place for people to see thy work as a demo and vote if they would like to see it on Steam or if they would not. If thou get enough votes that people would like to see it then it goes onto Steam after some setup with Steam.

Some more tips

Some more tips about making games. If you are making a game the graphics should not be a tyrant over the gameplay. The gameplay should be the priority for making a game. There are a lot of successful games made with a low priority of graphics such as, Minecraft and Terraria. These game are the first that come to mind when I think of games with a higher priority on gameplay instead of graphics. Some games can suffer for being doted of their graphics. Still there are some games that have both good gameplay and graphics some examples of this are, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Dishonored and Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear Solid might seem out of place here but I would say that it had pretty good graphics for its time. One more game that should be on the list is Half-Life 2 and its episodes. Half-Life 2 had the best graphics for its time period and the gameplay did not suffer at all. It is one of the games with the highest rating on Metacritic 96/100. Something that can break or make a game is the story. Some games really do not need a story like, Garry’s mod. This game does not need a story because it is a sandbox building game. However for some games a bad story could mar the game this could lead to someone stop playing the game. One thing that I haven’t gotten my head around is why most characters in games are not mortal for example, Warframe a free to play game that is essentially a third person shooter has when you die you need to wait for a teammate to come and revive you instead of you just dieing. When this happens in a game I feel that the game losses immersion. Many games have also dropped the use of health bars. There are only some games that have kept the health bar here are some of those games, Fighting games, some RPGs also have kept the health bar but some have also just turned to the auto regenarating health I think this is not really good because it loses some threat of dieing because you can just hide somewhere and regan your health. Some games it seems like they do not want to abandon the health bar but they are doing it unintentionally. Assassin’s Creed has done this now they use to have doctors that you bought health regenaration items from but now they have replaced it with a system where when you are in combat you cannot regen health but if you get out of combat you regen health at an unatural pace. It seems nearly like they have made the games for ten year olds that cannot even control the character. It seems like most tirple-A games have lost the strategy that was required for some older games now it just seems like you do as the story tells you to do. So as my final words on this topic be creative in creating your games and adieu.

Dealing with errors

Dealing with errors is one of the most time consuming parts to making a game. Some of the errors might be simple fixes or some can take hours to fix, those that take take the most time can really make you infuriated. If this happens I would suggest stop what you are doing and just do something else for a while. I like to go running when I get angry at some error or errors this also helps me think more clearly often when I run after a error I usually find an solution to my problem. Sleeping can always be an option even a short sleep could always help since your brain processes thoughts better when asleep so that can always help. If your error has something to do with your code and you don’t know the programming language so well your best option might be to turn to the community because most of your problems someone before you has had so they might have put it on the forums for example if you error is this

“Assets/Scripts/Buttons/RandomCode.js(4,19): BCE0017: The best overload for the method ‘UnityEngine.PlayerPrefs.SetInt(String, int)’ is not compatible with the argument list ‘(String)’.

(This error is in unity so you might not get it if you are using UDK or something else) someone might have had the same error but if you are going to search for it on a search engine you have to select the part that is bold. Here is also how to analayze an error.


The first part that is “Assets/Scripts/Buttons/RandomCode.js(4,19) ” this part of the error is the  main part of analyzing an error, the part with all the slashes is where your file is located. The part in the parentheses is the line number and the character count on that line. The next part is looking at the end of the whole error message ” ‘UnityEngine.PlayerPrefs.SetInt(String, int)’ is not compatible with the argument list ‘(String)’ ” the first place to look when doing this is the “UnityEngine.PlayerPrefs.SetInt(String, int)” this is saying that the line that has PlayerPrefs on is writen incorrectly here is how I wrote it “PlayerPrefs.SetInt(“RandomString”)” this is incorrect because if you look at the error message it states that there has to be an int in the PlayerPrefs. An int is a abbreviation to interger which is a number without a decimal. so the code should be “PlayerPrefs.SetInt(“RandomString”,  intHere)”. So that is a short brief explanation of Dealing with errors

Naming the game

Naming the game can be one of the most complex tasks. I never name my games before I make them, I do this because it is harder to name it when you are not totally sure what the game is about so that is what I always do since some of you might already know what your game will be about and know a good name of it. Remember you can nearly always rename your game this is best to do before you release it so there is not so much confusion but games like Minecraft have had multiple name changes such as “The Cave Game” and “Minecraft : Order of the Stone ”. Naming should have something to do with your game such as if your game is about a frog called Urp that does not know its name the title could be something like “Adventure of Urp” or just “Urp” but just having Urp might seem a little dull it can be a very good title. The name should also be tempting so people will notice it easier. Here is an example of a good title “Dishonored”, here is also a bad title “Urp the frog that did not know his name”. The name should also be kind of short, the bad examples name was very long so it will be harder for the player to remember and if he is going to tell his friends about the game they will have a harder time remembering the game’s name.


Why it is necessary for the friend to remember the game’s name is if they are going to search for it to maybe buy or download it you should have an uncomplicated name so they can find it easier. It is good also to play your game if you have made it to find the title. This will make it a little easier to find the name of the game sometimes it could also be easier to just take your mind of naming the game and playing it for a while without thinking of anything else this works for me most of the time. Naming a game does not have to take just a few hours it could take some days to find the perfect name sometimes it can even take weeks. So you should not rush to immediately find the name of your game and it is not the perfect name.

Advice for making a game

Don’t start too big, if you start too big you might never complete the game if this happens you might start thinking that you will never become a game developer. This is really bad since you will start to think it does not matter how much time you practice, you will grow tired so you will slowly stop making games. You should start with something a little simpler such as a mobile game. When you finish a game that you are proud of you should upload it to something like App Store or Google Play Store. This improves your motivation because you feel accomplishment this inspires you to make your next game. The people who download your game will motivate you and increase you morale so it is very good to upload it. Even if you get some criticism it is not just to give up you can listen to what the person has to say instead of ignoring it. If it is bad criticisms just ignore it. It will not hurt the person saying the things. Even though it is a simple game does not mean you should not try your hardest to make the game a halfhearted game is not a good game. The graphics are also much simpler on a mobile device since it is mostly 2D. Furthermore here is some more advice before starting your game.


Don’t stop because it is taking too long time. It is a common mistake to stop because you feel like it takes forever. This is very common to beginner game developers since they want their game finished as quickly as possible.  This is why it is good to start small. 2D games can be better than 3D games sometimes because 2D games do not need models and as good physics. A 2D game has sprites and can have weird physics. It can also be easier to only move in two axis than three so that also is good with a 2D game. It can be very stressing to make the models, UV-textures (The images or pictures that color the model), scripting and game all together in a 3D game whilst in a 2D game you only have to make the sprites (The models and textures in a 2D game), scripting and the game.

Choosing Platform

Choosing platform is an important decision  to what kind of game you want to make, platform is the device that the game is running on like a computer, Ipad, Android or console. It decides what game you want to make mostly because of the controls a computer is very good for complex games such as Europa Universalis, where you try to take over the world with one country of with an alliance. This game is very complex because you need shortcuts to do many different things. Mobile devices are for more simple games like Flappy Bird. Mobile devices tend to be quiet small so to have many controls on them would be very unpractical. Most of mobile users are around younger ages so it would be to hard for them to be able to control games like Europa Universalis, just because the controls are simple does not mean the game is simple there are some very hard to beat games for mobile devices. The same goes for console games their normal controllers have around twelve buttons and two joysticks. There are still some factors to keep in mind when making a game for different platforms like their processors are  very different so it can be hard to make a game for a console and then *port it to a mobile device. This is difficult because they have different processors a mobile device have a very bad processor compared to a console because mobiles don’t really need a very good processor to run some games and call people. It can consoles usally have better processor as their competitors so you can make a very high resolution game for a console but for a computer or a mobile device this is not the case since mobiles and computers have so many models and different processors so they can not have a default high resolution setting. What I would do for making a mobile or computer game is have it kind of medium resolution so that most processors can handle it then there would be a settings menu where you can change the graphics. This will help a lot of people why I would’t have it set to a low resolution is for the first impression of the gamer. If they see a game with very chunky and repeated textures they will probably stop playing.

* To switch from a platform to another

Choosing Game Engine

Game development is a complex  process with a lot of choices, one of the choices is what engine to use the engine is the core of the game it’s the thing that runs your game. The better the engine the better the game. It can be very hard to find a engine that suits you or your company. There are some engines that are mostly used for indie games such as unity or unreal engine these engines are very user friendly and have simplified programming languages. In Unity you have the option to code in JavaScript (this is one of the most used programming language for websites) or C# (this programming language is similar to Java, C# was developed by Microsoft). The Unreal Engine uses a script called UnrealScript (this programming language is kind of  similar to JavaScript). You should choose a engine that has the option to program in the language you know, if you don’t know any programming language you can choose any engine that you like. The next factor to choosing a engine is the rendering, without a good rendering engine you will have a slow and not so good looking game so you should look at some games that have been made with the game engine you might also want to look through some forums about the game engine. The community is sometimes the best choice while looking for some advice. When looking for a engine you should look at the more meliorated engines. There are 3 kinds of dimensions when you are talking about a game there is 2D (this is when you can only see two dimensions), 2.5D(this is when there is a 2D aspect but there is also some 3D in the game), 3D(a game where you see three dimensions). That’s why it’s an extensive choice for picking a game engine.


Indie: Low budget. Ex: The game was an indie game.

Simplify: Changed to be more simple or less complex. Ex: The game was simplified to fit the younger age group.

Render: making something look better. Ex: The game was very well rendered.

Forum: Meeting place. Ex: I went to the forums and met some people.

Meliorated: Worked on. Ex: This engine was more meliorated then that engine.

Dimensions: A measurement in width, height and thickness. Ex: This game had only two Dimensions.

Aspect: Appearance . Ex:  This game had a 2.5D aspect.

Extensive: Important. Ex : This choice was extensive to the development of my game.